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James, MI-6 is calling. Pick up your watch phone! Do you love British secret agents? The slick cars, deadly weapons and the thrill of saving the earth? Then you are going to love playing British Agent Slots – FREE SPINS and Top Secret MEGA WINS!

★★★★Game Features★★★★

► Enlist in service of the Queen and get MEGA wins!
► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!
► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours
► Real Hand Drawn HD graphics, Explosion Quality HD sound
► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!
► Double Down on slot machine wins with your handler!
► Capture those Auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore!
► Drive Aston Martin with boost multiplier!
► Bluff with Wildcards
► iPhone! Yes Sir! Android! Sir, Yes Sir! iPad and tablet! You Bet!
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► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

The Queen just rang, we need out best agents on this one. The Queen is planning a slot tournament at Buckingham Palace later this week. But the queen suspects that someone may come after the royal launch codes. We need a team in place, to prevent any such highest. If you enjoyed Dragon Play, Gladiator Slots and Pharaohs Slot Machine, then you are going to love British Agent Slots! Completely Free!

After we finish our tea, let’s review the plan. The thieves will most likely knock politely at the door. They will think it is a good slot diversion. Trust me, it’s not. We will be on to them. British thieves can be out right dirty sometimes – thinking we are asleep at the slots. Be aware, the tournament includes Free Spins, Big Wins and Multi-line slot machines. So keep your eyes peeled.

Do you hear that knocking? The slot thieves must be here for the royal launch codes. Quick, spin the multi-line slots in order to trap them here. Then, we can use the wildcards and FREE bonus coins to lock these guys away for good.

Splendid job team, British agents always get their mark! The world can sleep easy knowing that the royal launch codes are safe. Gentlemen, why don’t you enjoy the rest of the evening - double down and get as many free coins as you can. This is the BEST multi-line slot out there! Big WINS and FREE SPINS!

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Fantastic Slot!
What a great Theme, so much fun!
Thnx for this Pokie, It its thrilling!
I think I am in love with British Agent Slots!

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