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Description :

SMS Location Messenger. Send SMS with location on a map.
★ Create clickable SMS buttons for frequently used messages.
★ Click SMS button to send message with location.
★ Customize message text, recipient and sms location sharing.
Message reciever gets your location sms message with map link to your location.Add sms buttons for different uses.
★ Create new sms buttons from sms button gallery.
★ Each sms button contains sms location sharing option.
Your sms buttons will appear under " my sms buttons " -menu, where you can customize your sms buttons anyway you like.Using sms location messenger and instant sms buttons is easy.
Send location sms with your own message to any phone. SMS location sender uses normal SMS.Customize sms buttons:
★ message
★ recipient
★ sms location sharingSMS Location Messenger can be used for variety of purposes. Here some use ideas:
★ Parental messaging: Feel safe, when you know your kids are safe! Kids can click sms button to message parents that they are ok or need help. Parents know all the time, where their kids are on a map.
★ Care taking: Elderly people and people with medical condition require easy solutions to get help fast when needed. SMS Location Messenger equips elderly people with large clickable sms buttons on their phone that send their help request with map location instantly.
★ Share location with friends. Use as sms location sender.
★ Travelers: Check in to say everything is OK, and let know where you go. Use as instant sms messenger.
★ Customize sms buttons for your own use cases: sports button, panic button, party button, travel button, car button, yes button, ok button, help button, instant button, mood button, meeting button, taxi button, location sender button... Janey, mother and a diabetic from Texas, USA says: "I am diabetic and was very sick lately and I had a hard time remembering my daughter-in-law's phone number. SMS Messenger app with instant buttons came a life-saver in an emergency versus wearing a panic button. Very simple and instant sms messenger app to use."SMS location recommended by Presefy, Joiku and many others.Learn more of SMS Location Messenger app and try also our newest and best sms location messenger app called ClickSMS Location Messenger :★ SMS Location Messenger and ClickSMS Location Messenger app page:
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★ SMS Location Messenger and ClickSMS Location Messenger Twitter: Location Messenger: Create clickable and instant sms buttons for fast location sms messages. Send SMS with location on map.

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