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It's difficult to predict when you may need access to sexual health information. With SexPositive, the University of Oregon Health Center provides judgement-free, sex positive information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safer sex practices, partner communication tips and healthy sex advice.

Whether you're considering having sex or you're curious about the possibilities, SexPositive delivers sex ed without the fear, secrecy, misinformation, judgment, and general negativity that often surrounds conversations about sexuality. How do we do that? We talk about what the University of Oregon Health Center knows best: what happens when a body part touches another body part or object.

The interface is a fun, intuitive approach to sex education. Users are presented with two spinning wheels. The inner wheel represents the user’s body parts. The outer wheel represents various body parts and objects that the user may come into contact with. For each combination, information is provided about the risks of transmitting STIs, safer sex practices, healthy sex positive advice for beginners, and tips on effective partner communication.

The communication/advice section of the app includes videos featuring students from the UO Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team and Health Center Peer Health Educators. Videos give sample scripts for students to use when requesting consent, negotiating boundaries, giving advice, requesting latex barriers, and more! In addition, we acknowledge that sexual communication starts by communicating with one's self. A judgement-free "Am I ready for sex?" self-assessment video features colleagues from the University Counseling and Testing Center. Also featured is a “Yes/No/Maybe” survey from The list includes a wide range of interpersonal activities that users can consider in a private, low-pressure environment before discussing them with their partners. A long list of sexy ways to ask for (and express) voluntary, non-coerced explicit consent is provided. In addition, the app links to "The Anatomy and Physiology of Orgasm," a popular annual lecture given by a Faculty member in the UO Department of Human Physiology.

SexPositive is written and produced by sex-positive experts at the University of Oregon. The SexPositive app is free and none of your personal information is tracked or shared by the app. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

"SexPositive is an amazing, fun and completely addictive sex ed app" Dan Savage, New York Times bestselling author and sex advice columnist and founder of the It Gets Better project.

"This is not your mother’s sex education. It’s real, practical, and very fun! Sexual health, right at your fingertips." Mary Gossart, Vice President of Education & Training, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon

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Développeur : University of Oregon
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