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Description :

CarpeTempus is a complete, powerful Android alarm/timer application.

CarpeTempus will accept any number of alarms (particular time of day, and day of week, month, year, etc.) or timers (durations in seconds. minutes. hours, etc.).

When it's time for CarpeTempus to alert you, it will speak the message you choose, or play an alarm ringtone, or play a piece of music you choose.

The CarpeTempus alarm scheduler is very sophisticated — you can choose a time of day, one or more days of the week, one or more days of the month, or a particular day of the year — or any combination of these.

CarpeTempus timers are much like alarms, except they're meant for time durations, not times of day. You can set time durations from one second to 100 hours. When the time arrives, all the features of the alarm scheduler are available — spoken messages, ringtones or user-selected music.

Once you have programmed some alarms and timers, you can put your Android device in standby mode. Then, when it's time for an alarm, the CarpeTempus service daemon will wake up, turn on the display, and alert you.

It's not necessary to type reminder messages. To program a CarpeTempus message, you can speak the message instead of typing it.

CarpeTempus is free and open-source, and is licensed under the GPL.

One more thing — CarpeTempus has no ads, no tricks and no strings attached. CarpeTempus is exactly what it appears to be — a nice, free application.

The CarpeTempus Home Page is located at

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Paul Lutus
Version Actuelle : 4.3
La Taille : 194.1K
Avis : 8.4
Installations : 44840 Installations

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