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Description :

I.C.E. Caller allows anyone to place a call In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.), to one of your emergency contacts without going past the lock screen!

It's a convenient way for you to setup up to five of your emergency contacts, who can then be called whenever the need arises. If you are ever in a state of emergency such that one of your emergency contacts needs to be notified, anyone can use your phone and via this app, contact that person.

Another scenario: you go out to have coffee and leave your phone on the table. The server notices that you left your phone and tries to use it to call one of your contacts to notify them that you've left your phone. Unfortunately, with a screen lock set, the person is unable to break through. Now, imagine if the person had a way of calling up one of your contacts without breaking past the lock screen? I.C.E. Caller, allows you to do just this.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-02-28
Développeur : Zeus Mistry
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Avis : 6.7
Installations : 3313 Installations

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