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Description :

Specially launched for personage which want to living in the foreign city, is a life service software, integrating common dialogue phrases, HD reading, online translation, and other features in multilanguages. You can enjoy life no matter which country you live in. It makes life more relaxed, colorful and wonderful.Support dozens of international languages.
The software of "WolWal" supports not only translating between Chinese and English but also translating Chinese and English into multi-languages。Currently, it supports Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Latin America.Languages of WolWal:
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
More language increasing...HD pronunciation
It can satisfy your day-to-day life, foreign travel emergency translation ,and you can also learn some interests words and phrases.You can take a look at the spelling of the phrases of different countries, and listen to the pronunciation to feel the language culture.Once been played, it can also be used offline, faster and cost few flow.
Local audio cache is a technology of the software of WolWal that helps to reduce network flow.Once been played, it can be saved to the phone automatically.When play again, get audio files without connecting to network, the local audio cache will be used directly.Avoid flow cost for getting audio data repeatedly from the network.
It will connect to network and download the audio data again when the content is changed (For example: the content of similar language was replaced, or the cache is deleted)Function of cache
The function of audio cache is very obvious.Reduce network latency and open a page more quickly.
The use of the cache can significantly speed up the audio playback speed, to reach a better experience.The similar language is our original creation, the phrase is alternative.
"WolWal" provides a flexible combination of language ability for you to express similar wishes.I begin to travel on Tuesday.
The software has a word for "I begin to travel on Tuesday”, when we want to express "I begin to travel on Thursday", you can click on Tuesday to enter a similar language screen and make the replacement selection.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-09
Développeur : WOLWAL.COM
Version Actuelle : 2.0.2
La Taille : 1.6M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 16272 Installations
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