ShareBuddy - Ride Sharing app ipa iphone Crack Gratuit Télécharger 2017

Description :

ShareBuddy lets you share Rickshaw and Taxi rides with other buddies and Saves money.

Type your destination and see other buddies "nearby you" who are going to same destination as yours in real time.
Send sharing request to them. Or accept sharing request from them.

After accepting sharing request, use inbuilt chat to coordinate with each other in real time. e.g. 'Hey, I am at rickshaw stand'.
Go together to your destination by sharing ride with other buddy. And pay only 50% i.e. half of total fare.

ShareBuddy saves 50% of the money you spend on rickshaw and taxi fare. It also helps in reducing road traffic and decreasing pollution.

So.. Share ride with ShareBuddy.

We would love to hear any questions or feedback from you. Please write to us on feedback {at}

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-09
Développeur : ShareBuddy
Version Actuelle : 0.3.3
La Taille : 1.2M
Avis : 8.3
Installations : 15288 Installations

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