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♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣GO eco battery & Plus Wigdet – GO Battery Saver & Plus Widget , the professional power manager , is the best battery saving app which is capable of extending your battery life. Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc. Never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥headlights elements of economic battery
★ Fast battery saver: instantly identify and solve the battery problems with the button "Optimize".
★ simple battery saver: use the predefined power management modes or customize for high performance and energy savings.
★ efficient battery saver: protect your battery with healthy load to prolong the battery life.
★ Battery saver practice: the widget "Optimization" from the Home screen allows you to close applications in the background energy consuming a key to extend battery life.
★ Saver simple and powerful battery: Android extend your battery life by 50% without load.
★ Global Battery saver: to support the following languages: German, Spanish, English, French, Português, Português do Brasil, Pусский Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษา ไทย, Tiếng Việt, 日本語, 한국 의,中文 (简体) and 中文 (繁體).
★ Fits you: Automatically save energy with smart power settings DU Battery Saver (v DU Battery Saver Pro required).
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Features and benefits of eco battery♣♣♣♣
► STATE SPECIFIC: know exactly what battery life you have with a detailed analysis of your applications and your Android hardware;
► PRECONFIGURED INTELLIGENT MODES: choisissir or customize a mode that best suits the battery charge status;
► OPTIMIZATION OF A BUTTON: instantly identify and solve the power consumption problem of the battery to achieve energy savings;
► OPTIMIZATION AT ANY TIME: Easily manage applications in the background and telephone equipment with the widget to the home screen;
► BEST INFORMATION BATTERY: display the battery level of your phone in percent or remaining time;
► MANAGER HEALTHY LOADING: follow and implement safe loading practices at different stages for your battery to function optimally

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